"WESTWORLD was for children, FUTUREWORLD was for teenagers, but... SEXWORLD is definitely for ADULTS" 
SexWorld is a high-tech resort where guests can leave their inhibitions behind and enjoy realize their deepest, darkest sexual desires without shame thanks to the unlimited resources of its knowledgeable staff. Seemingly happy couple Joan (Leslie Bovee, LUSTFUL FEELINGS) and Jerry (Kent Hall, SPIRIT OF SEVENTY SEX) are both concealing fantasies from one another – she a lust for her neighbor Marion (Abigail Clayton, MANIAC) and he a threesome with roommates Linda (Amber Hunt of Spinelli's CRY FOR CINDY) and Jo (Carol Tong, HER LAST FLING) – and there may be nothing left of their relationships if they realize them. Millicent (Kay Parker, DRACULA SUCKS) longs to be ravished by a man "with balls" but timid husband Ralph (Spinelli favorite Jack Wright, EASY) cannot even get it up without a little encouragement from "mommy". Fortunately, Phil (Joey Silvera, OUI GIRLS) is on-call to smack Millicent around (actually chipping the actress' tooth in a bit of mistiming) while nurturing Ann (Maureen Spring, THE LEGEND OF LADY BLUE) puts some starch in Ralph's pants.
SexWorld's technicians divine that bigoted bachelor Roger (John Leslie, ORIENTAL HAWAII) needs to be taken down a peg, so they hook him up with foxy mama Jill (Desiree West, TAPESTRY OF PASSION). After her girlfriend of five years (EXPECTATIONS' Chris Cassidy) coldly walks out on her, enigmatic Dale (Annette Haven, DEEP TANGO) decides to try the company of a young man ("Latin type" Robert Ramos). Lisa (BABY ROSEMARY's Sharon Thorpe) can no longer rely on phone sex and XXX-rated films to dull the loneliness. Although she wants someone to notice her and be kind to her, she rebuffs a soft-spoken fellow guest (Jack Freeman) in favor of reenacting an interracial encounter from BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR with that film's Johnnie Keyes (or a reasonable facsimile). Some leave SexWorld sated and anticipating adventure in the real world while others find themselves undone by the realization of their desires.
One of Anthony Spinelli's – and indeed 1970s porn's – most well-regarded titles, SEXWORLD boasts an attractive and talented cast, superb production values and set design, slick photography, a memorable soundtrack (although Berry Lipman's theme song actually comes from the 1976 British/German TV series STAR MAIDENS), and hot sex. That Spinelli crosscuts between various encounters rather than monotonously depicting one after the other suggests that the film geared towards enticing and arousing its audience – presumably aiming for both male and female viewers – rather than just getting them off. There is also a greater emphasis on performance, with Bovee, Haven, Parker, Thorpe (touchingly brittle turn compared to her bland turns in Carlos Tobalina's CARNAL HAVEN or her over-the-top villainy in TAPESTRY OF PASSION), and Spinelli's character actor Wright giving sensitive turns while Leslie and West provide the comic relief set-piece (with some other non-sexual supporting performers providing a couple laughs as they convey their desires SexWorld's counsellors). The science fiction angle of models WESTWORLD and FUTUREWORLD is not absent, but downplayed to the extent that the expected reveal happens just before the ending fade out (seemingly only existing to justify the poster's tagline). Although he does not appear in the film, prolific porn star John Seeman (HONEY BUNS) is credited as "casting consultant".
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