If Marilyn Monroe, with her slyly seductive innocence, was the sex symbol of the 50s and Jayne Mansfield, with her larger than life persona, was the sex symbol of the 60s, then no other actress better encompassed the unique early 70s blending of free spirited hippie crossed with girl next door than Rene Bond. 
The chipmunk cheeked starlet was one of the first marquee names in late sexploitation and early hardcore, building a devoted fan base that she wisely nurtured, furthering her success and acclaim. 
An early favorite of Sam Weston, who utilized her rarely tapped acting abilities, giving her meaty roles in films like TOUCH ME, Bond worked with nearly every major sexploitation actor and director in LA, among them Ed Wood, AC Stephen, and producers like David Friedman.
Although the anonymously directed 1971 film, TEENAGE FANTASIES was hardly among Bond's more prestigious roles, it became one of the seminal films that catapulted her into stardom.
Essentially a vignette film, Bond is a host of sorts, introducing the sexual sequences with the gusto of an excited schoolteacher on her first day at the job, explaining the philosophy of the ensuing sex act along with her own penchant for blowjobs (which, of course, is also graphically displayed).
Like Howard Ziehm's mid 70s blockbusters, HONEY PIE and SWEET CAKES, the vignettes that make up the bulk of the film are simple, to the point, but very well choreographed synch sound loop-esque things which evoke, but predate, the best of Swedish Erotica. The presence of another early starlet, Suzanne Fields, also solidifies FANTASIES as one of the more erotic early hardcore features of the early 70s.
The film was a major success, eventually getting blown up to 35mm and playing theatres for a decade as well as spawning an unofficial sequel in 1981, though the scenes with Rene in that one were shot at least 4 years prior and the vignettes ranged from loops to scenes lifted from features such as ORIENTAL TREATMENT.
The original, however, remains a fan favorite, having been issued in numerous low quality or heavily cut versions. But now TEENAGE FANTASIES is finally available fully uncut and newly scanned in 2K, only on Exploitation.TV!