Watch the following Alex deRenzy movies instantly:

Babyface (1977)

Priscilla is a tease, flirting with every man she meets. When her mother catches her with Dan, a dockhand... (106 minutes)


Turn On With Kelly Nichols (1971)

Kelly Nichols a host of other beautiful women demonstrate the ancient techniques of carnal fulfillment. (80 minutes)


Sexual Encounter Group (1971)

In his ‘direct cinema’ chronicle of an encounter group, unfolding in near real time, deRenzy examines the structure and methods of organized group sex and body realization. (82 minutes)


Pretty Peaches 3 (1989)

A journey into sexual enlightenment. (91 minutes)


Pretty Peaches 2 (1987)

Peaches loves to watch and learn... (85 minutes)


Pretty Peaches (1978)

Peaches crashes her jeep and wakes up with complete amnesia. Two men find her and take her on a sexual whirlwind of adventures. (92 minutes)


Powder Burns (1971)

An experimental sex western directed by Alex deRenzy. (72 minutes)


Little Sisters (1972)

Alex deRenzy's experimental film portrays a woman and her two virginal daughters living in the forest. (65 minutes)


Weed (1971)

A documentary about the selling and use of marijuana. (107 minutes)


Baby Face II (1986)

A woman about to be married is given a "bachelorette" party by her girlfriends, who hire a male stripper for the event. (4 minutes)