Watch the following Eric Edwards movies instantly:

Pussycat Ranch (1978)

Two old west bank robbers take refuge on a rural farm that’s been threatened with foreclosure, as they try to escape the law. (96 minutes)


Sorceress (1974)

A Sorceress uses psychic powers to obtain what she wants. Or does she? (60 minutes)


Corporate Assets (1985)

Enter the sinister world of corporate greed, where wealthy men use and abuse beautiful women for their sadistic and perverse pleasures. (104 minutes)


Robins Nest (1979)

Robin and Alan’s marriage isn’t what it was one year earlier when they first wed. Can their wanton lust ultimately save their love? (80 minutes)


Bella (1980)

A tale of a sordid family and their perversely erotic lifestyle, BELLA stars the beautiful Tracey Adams in one of her finest performances. (86 minutes)


Sweet Young Foxes (1983)

Three young coeds all learn about sex in different ways, each experience unforgettable. (86 minutes)


The Young Like It Hot (1983)

To save their jobs, the women at the local phone help line will show the bosses that computers are never a match to their special skills. (91 minutes)


Virgin and the Lover (1975)

A filmmaker lives in a sensual dreamworld in which he is torn between love for a beautiful woman and strange desires for a female mannequin. (3 minutes)


Abduction of an American Playgirl (1975)

A couple of kidnappers bite off a bit more than they can chew. (71 minutes)


Virgin and the Lover (1973)

A grieving man deals with his problems. (91 minutes)


Winter Heat (1976)

Men hold young girls hostage and do what they please. (70 minutes)


Abduction of an American Playgirl (1975)

Two lonely men kidnap a beautiful woman and subject her to their shocking carnal desires. (2 minutes)