General Information

We are an online streaming service dedicated to all things exploitation, sexploitation, underground, experimental and just plain weird and obscure. Most of our catalog is exclusive to Exploitation.TV -- you won't find these on any other streaming platforms.

For obvious reasons, the majority of our collection cannot be found anywhere else. Approx 80% of the collection streams exclusively on Exploitation.TV.

New films will appear on the service every Friday. We plan to add 10+ films per month.

Many-many hours of research and testing was invloved to find the right balance between compression, bandwidth and quality. Obviously, it's impossible to stream "Blu-ray quality" video, but it's pretty damn nice looking.

Most all films stream in high-definition. We do have some standard-definition films, mostly shot-on-video films and obscure titles currently only available in SD.

Our entire catalog is available on the web and Roku.

iOS and Android have sex and violence restrictions. For that reason, some titles will not be available on iOS and Android apps currently in development.

100% of our catalog is available for streaming in North America.

There are only a handful of titles that have territorial restrications, which make them unavailable for viewing outside of North America.

Here's the deal, we're a very small company and it's extremely expensive to develop apps and channels. As we grow, we plan to offer more and more ways to experience the collection.

Also, please keep in mind that many services have restrictions on the level of violence and sex that will forever prevent us from joining.


Due to content restrictions, Exploitation.TV is a private channel on Roku. Adding a private channel is extremely simple:

Step #1: Register and sign-in to your account

Step #2 (Option 1): Click here to add Exploitation.TV to your My Channels. You will be redirected to Roku's private channel page. Click Add Channel and refresh your Channel Store by switching to your Roku and navigating to Settings --> System --> System Update.

Step #2 (Option 2): Click here to access your account at Under the heading Manage Account click on Add a Channel. Enter the channel access code EXTV and click Add Channel. Now switch to your Roku and refresh your Channel Store by navigating to Settings --> System --> System Update.

Step #3: After updating your Roku, Exploitaion.TV should appear in your My Channels section. Now kick back and experience some Exploitation.TV.


You can currently watch our films on web, Roku and Chromecast.

Apps for iOS and Android are currently being developed with a late-2015 completion estimate.


We hate to see you go, but cancelling is fairly straightforward. Go to Account / Account Cancellation and fill out the form. We'll process your request as soon as possible.

Our service will show up as EXPLOIT TV on your credit card statements.

We accept all major credit and debit cards through our secure payment processor, PayPal.

We have a three device limit per subscription account for this service. If a fourth device logs in, the earliest device will automatically be logged out.