After breaking things off with his gun moll Jessie (Cara Lott, TABOO II), Los Angeles gangster Dutch (Harry Reems, DEEP THROAT) sets his sights on cigarette girl Katherine (Ginger Lynn, TOO NAUGHTY TO SAY NO). His concerns that she might be too classy a dame are confirmed by club manager Tony (Steve Drake, NEW WAVE HOOKERS) who sampled her wares before hiring the hayseed. Dutch recruits Rita (Amber Lynn, CASINO OF LUST), gun moll of rival Big Louie (Herschel Savage, PRETTY PEACHES 2), to turn Katherine (rechristened Kitty) into a "trashy lady" in time for the annual convention of The Brotherhood. While Dutch is busy checking out his investment in boxer Johnny (Francois Papillon, ALL THE WAY IN!) who frustrates his own gal (Cheri Janvier, FIREFOXES) with his single-minded dedication to the training of coach Rocky (Marc Wallice, PRETTY PEACHES 3), Rita trains Kitty in the art of sex with "stunt dick" Jimmy the paperboy (Tom Byron, VALLEY VIXENS). Maid Norma (Bunny Bleu, IRRESISTABLE) also introduces Kitty to lesbian sex when she's not messing around with Dutch's bodyguard Eddie (Rick Savage, BACKDOOR BABES). When Big Louie hears from the big house that his girl is regularly visiting Dutch, he gets the wrong idea and sends his men to put the squeeze on his friend-cum-rival.
Opening with elegant art deco titles and shot through with gorgeous period production design by director Scott – who was better known to mainstream exploitation audiences as art director Sal Grasso (FROGS, THE KILLING KIND) – augmenting the authentic locations like Howard Hughes' Los Angeles headquarters, dazzling costumes, and the elegant 35mm photography of Scott's regular cinematographer Tom Howard (MEN OF THE MIDWAY), TRASHY LADY is an aesthetic delight that deservedly won a number of adult industry awards and critical praise. The story is a simple frame for the lengthy sex scenes, but Reems, both Lynns, and the rest of the cast are at the top of their game, adding to the convincing evocation of a thirties gangster quickie. Throughout the seventies, Scott's directorial output was all-male – including a number of for-hire collaborations with Al Parker (THE OTHER SIDE OF ASPEN) – before helming a handful of straight films in the mid-eighties before his death in 1987. Although TRASHY LADY shares in common most of the cast and crew with Scott's other straight films TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE and CHINA & SILK, the film actually has more in common with the latter being a hardcore take on the spy genre.
Scanned and restored in 2K from the original 35mm camera negative, TRASHY LADY looks flawless in this 1080p24 MPEG-4 AVC 1.85:1 widescreen incarnation with eye-popping colors in the costumes and set decoration while also revealing some of the more subtle and atmospheric lighting of the actors and their environments. There is no apparent damage, even at the reel change points, and only some subtle on-camera filtration keeps a couple close-ups from being truly crisp. The DTS-HD Master 1.0 audio – dialogue and period-appropriate library music – is crisp and clear.
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