Watch the following Matt Cimber movies instantly:

Lady Cocoa (1975)

After being given a 24-hour leave from prison Cocoa hits the streets, but quickly discovers that violence lurks around every corner. (91 minutes)


The Candy Tangerine Man (1975)

John Daniels is ‘The Baron,’ a no-nonsense pimp who cruises the streets in his signature tangerine Rolls Royce. (93 minutes)


Sex and Astrology (1971)

Throughout history, there has been an undeniable link between the mystical ideas of astrology and human sexuality. (83 minutes)


He and She (1970)

Filled with trippy visuals and a rotating bed, He & She would become one of the most successful white coaters ever made! (63 minutes)


Sensually Liberated Female (1970)

Everything you wanted to know but were AFRAID to ask! (65 minutes)


The Black Six (1973)

Righteous biker Bubba (Gene Washington) and his five war buddies go south to avenge his slain brother. (85 minutes)