Watch the following Keith Erickson movies instantly:

Come Deadly (1973)

A detective goes undercover to catch whoever has been raping and strangling female members of an acting troupe. (61 minutes)


Sex In The Comics (1972)

Take a visual journey through the history of adult cartoons, in this all-live oddity. (81 minutes)


Tijuana Blue (1971)

After discovering that his girlfriend is pregnant, a man named Jamie agrees to assist on a drug run from Tijuana back to LA. (93 minutes)


Girls in the Band (1976)

The Girls in the Band... They'll Blow Your Mind! (65 minutes)


Tales Of Seduction (1971)

A man with a cigar and shotgun presents stag scenes which he does not approve of. (64 minutes)


Sex-o-phrenia (1972)

A lonely housewife has bizarre fantasies that cause her to seek out random sexual partners. (58 minutes)


Virgin Rape (1971)

A pretty young teenage virgin is "taught a lesson" about being a tease by her best friend, her stepfather and her mother. (61 minutes)


Hot Pistols (1972)

Two bank robbers take a young girl hostage and use her. (57 minutes)


Act of Confession (1971)

In this notorious film, a Medieval nun explores her sexual fantasies as she prepares herself for her life of religious servitude. (60 minutes)