Watch the following Herschel Savage movies instantly:

China and Silk (1984)

Lt. Parker has just landed the role of lead investigator in a major dope smuggling case... (88 minutes)


Corporate Assets (1985)

Enter the sinister world of corporate greed, where wealthy men use and abuse beautiful women for their sadistic and perverse pleasures. (104 minutes)


Her Total Response (1977)

A great adult spoof of the Stepford Wives with Herschel Savage putting microchips in women's bodies. (56 minutes)


Trashy Lady (1985)

Gangster Dutch has just been left by his regular dame, Jessie. What he needs is a new "Trashy Lady". (85 minutes)


Blue Ice (1985)

San Francisco private eye Ted Singer has just been hired by a wealthy eccentric to find and procure an ancient and mysterious book. (86 minutes)


Cathouse Fever (1984)

Three college coeds who are having trouble paying their tuitions turn to prostitution. (3 minutes)


Sexual Heights (1981)

A man whose marriage was destroyed by an affair with the babysitter plots a lusty revenge, only to have his plans turn into the ultimate orgy! (91 minutes)


Cathouse Fever (1984)

California co-eds turn kinky for cash! (78 minutes)