Watch the following Desiree West movies instantly:

Babyface (1977)

Priscilla is a tease, flirting with every man she meets. When her mother catches her with Dan, a dockhand... (106 minutes)


Love Slaves (1976)

Beautiful women are being kidnapped off the streets of San Francisco, brainwashed into becoming the ultimate sexual killing machines! (88 minutes)


The Sultry Stewardess (1977)

A great loop with Desiree West relaxing with her boyfriend after a day of being a stewardess. (9 minutes)


Horseshoes (1977)

A brilliant short with Desiree West and John Holmes doing what they do best, and play horseshoes. (8 minutes)


Strange Diary (1976)

Two women are interviewed about their elaborate sexual fantasies, which play out for the viewer. (60 minutes)